Book Club Parody publishes e-book club satires on criminals, politicians, celebrities, professional athletes and other high-profile people in the news.  Subjects range from Jodi Arias to Hillary Clinton, Alex Rodriguez to Anthony Weiner, and George Zimmerman to Andrea Sneiderman.

Our parody books contain professionally designed full-color book title covers created to entertain our readers.  Each book club series features satire, parody and always humor.


Summer 2013 - The Jodi Arias Book Club / New Release

Fall 2013 - The Anthony Weiner Book Club

Winter 2013 - The George Zimmerman Book Club

Book Club Parody

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A satire on the Jodi Arias murder trial with Juan Martinez, Travis Alexander, Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott, Nancy Grace, Albert Einstein, Dr. Drew, & Vinnie Politan.

A satire on the Jodi Arias murder trial with Juan Martinez, Albert Einstein, Travis Alexander, Jennifer Willmott, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Kirk Nurmi & Vinnie Politan

If you like satire . . . you'll love our e-books!  At Book Club Parody we specialize in satire . . . starting with the Jodi Arias murder trial which features Juan Martinez, Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott, Travis Alexander, Albert Einstein, Alyce LaViolette, Snow White, and of course The Skank of Estrella . . . Jodi Ann Arias.

Future releases will feature book clubs on Hillary Clinton, George Zimmerman, Andrea Sneiderman and Anthony Weiner.  Be sure to bookmark our web page and check in each month.  We promise to keep you laughing!

By the way, we so appreciate your support.  Thanks.

Future e-books include Hillary Clinton, George Zimmerman, Anthony Weiner, Alex Rodriguez and Andrea Sneiderman.